Airport Sustainability

The Shreveport Airport Authority strives to be a good neighbor through reducing its impact on the environment and bringing improved benefits to its community by beginning to incorporate sustainability planning into the operation of the airport.  The very first step in this initiative is to develop an Airport Sustainability Management Plan.  Through a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration, SAA has made significant strides in assessing its operation and developing a plan that supports making responsible and sustainable business decisions that improve the efficient operation of the airports and add value to its communities.  This plan in development will begin to chart a responsible course for future decisions that benefit the airport, the community and the environment. 

Airport Sustainability Planning

Airport sustainability planning is a holistic approach to managing an airport to ensure:

  • Economic Viability

Sustainability planning encourages integrated design as a way of doing business and brings efficiencies through improved planning and design.  Better panning will result in much greater utilization of assets and may reduce the cost of development and/or operating and maintenance of facilities.

  • Operational Efficiency

Facilities that undergo thoughtful sustainability planning typically bring with them significant operational efficiencies in how the facilities function and are utilized.  Many of the features brought forward as part of the design not only meet the needs of the customers but also pay for themselves over time in cost savings, improvements to the environment and/or enhanced customer comfort.

  • Conservation of Natural Resources

Airports by their very nature come with impacts to the community and the environment as a whole.  Responsible sustainability planning can do a lot to offset or mitigate many of the negative effects of operating.  This includes reduced environmental footprint and the protection of valuable natural resources.

  • Social Responsibility

Airport sustainability planning demonstrates a commitment to being a good neighbor and reducing the over-all operational and environmental impact an airport has on a community.  By reducing impact an airport is adding value to the community, improving its relationship with its neighbors and demonstrating further benefit.


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