Industrial Site Map

How to Use the Map Tools

  • Zoom in: Click and hold the "plus sign" tool to zoom in. Brings the map closer to you, making small elements easier to read.
  • Zooming out: Click and hold the "minus sign" tool to zoom out. Moves the map further from you, allowing you to see a larger area of the overall map.
  • Zoom slider: Click and drag the "triangle-shaped" tool left or right to quickly find a suitable zoom level.
  • Pan (Move): Click and hold any of the "four arrows " tool to move the map in that direction. Click the map itself and drag in any direction as another way to pan. Refers to moving the map around within the viewing window to make different locations visible.
  • Default zoom: Click the "half circle with arrow" tool to return the map to its default zoom. Refers to the zoom level which allows the entire map to be seen.