Veterans Services Available at Shreveport Regional Airport

Shreveport Regional Airport is proud and thankful to be the airport that so many of our service members use to travel. With Barksdale Air Force Base located close by, we see many service members departing for duty being sent off by family and friends and service members returning from duty, greeted by crowds of people.

For more than a decade, Shreveport Regional Airport has offered free parking for disabled veterans. Any private vehicle operated by a disabled American Veteran, who provides proper identification: a veteran ID card with paperwork that shows at least 50% disability, or a veteran ID and a vehicle with a disabled veteran license plate, shall be allowed free passage or free parking for themselves, their conveyance, and their passengers for up to ten (10) days. Free veteran parking is available in the Short Term or Long Term parking lots only.

Our airline partners offer services for members of the military. Click the airline names below to learn more.

Allegiant Air

American Airlines Various discounts for members of the military may be available. Call 1-800-433-7300 for more details.

Delta Air Lines

United Airlines